End of year pantry update & thank you

It’s the last day of 2021 so we thought we’d extend a thank you and give an update on our proudest achievement, our first full year running our community pantry, sharing surplus food on a pay-as-you-feel basis to cut down on food waste and share food in the spirit of mutual aid.

Whilst we’ve been closed, we’ve had time to tidy up and restock our shelves ready for January, whilst also running a kerbside pantry in our entry way so that those relying on us would still be able to get supplies. We also set up a hot coffee station on the rainy days when we were in, so people could grab a hot drink to warm up.
Thanks so much to our Patreon supporters, 61 of you now donating a total of £333 monhtly, as well as our patrons on Paypal and by BACS who contribute another £200 or so monthly.

Thanks also to the people who paid forward a total of 15 hot drinks and 10 soups this month, which adds to the total from our regular Patreon supporters and enabled us to share warm drinks and food as well as groceries, whilst it has been so cold and wet.

Ways to support the community pantry:

Join our Patreon community – make a monthly regular donation and get access to behind the scenes posts, live broadcasts and a library of recorded events!

Pay forward a meal, hot drink, groceries or toiletries 

Make a one-off donation of any amount

Spread the word about our pantry so people know about it! 

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