#covid19 update

Although the mask mandate coming into effect this week does not apply to hospitality, we continue to ask all visitors to our pantry and takeaway to wear a face covering unless exempt. We also continue to ask folks to mask up when not seated at tables and to order at their table to avoid unnecessary mingling. We also keep our front and back doors open and have air extraction and a CO2 monitor to check we’re ventilating properly.

We will ask you to wear a mask when you come in and offer you one if you don’t have your own.

Our crew are all wearing face coverings and taking regular lateral flow tests. All of our paid crew have paid time off if they need to self isolate and have instructions to stay home if they have any suspicion that they’re unwell. This may sometimes disrupt our opening times, so please always check our page for updates.

Stay safe and well everyone – this is very exhausting but we know what to do and we’re doing it.

💉😷 ↔️🧼🙌🏻🧪 🪟

Please do not use this post as a forum to debate. Everyone who is impacted by this policy has been fully consulted and we require no more input. Thank you.

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