Community Pantry wishlist

We’ve restarted our community cooking sessions where we make enough food to enjoy together after cooking and stock up the community fridge!

A lot of folks are experiencing not only food poverty, but also struggling with rising energy costs, so we aim once a month to create ready to heat chilled vegan meals for folks to take and reheat.

The first one went well, but we ran out of some equipment when there was a whole group of us cooking! After investigating other options, we’ve had to set up an Amazon wishlist (yes, we know Amazon isn’t the best option but it is the only workable online wishlist we could find) for some of the equipment we need.

You can see our pantry wishlist here

We have written a little description explaining why we’ve added certain things to the list.

Although it might make sense to bring similar items in from your own pantry or donate things that are similar, we ask that folks not do this except for bringing ingredients during community cooking sessions. This is to that we can track our supply chain, check dates and know that food is safe for the people taking it and that the equipment and supplies being donated are actually ones we can use.

You can also donate money here, or become a regular supporter through Patreon – it all helps us to keep this project going.


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