Community Pantry – how you can help, what we need

Our pantry is supported by our regular Patreon community and by folks ‘paying forward‘ on a one-off basis.

Want to support us with non-cash donations? That’s also very helpful, but please read this first!

Donations of food and essentials can be dropped in:

Wednesday 11am – 3pm and 6 – 9pm
Thursday 11am – 3pm
Saturday 11am – 3pm

Stop for a cuppa, some cake and a chat when you drop off donations – we’d love to catch up with you!

Your donations will directly help those in need in our community.

Please make sure to check the expiration dates on all food items and to only donate items that are unopened and in good condition. We also appreciate donations of toiletries, cleaning products, and menstrual hygiene products. These items are often overlooked but are essential for maintaining health and hygiene.

* Cereals and porridge
* Tinned soups, vegetables, sauces and meals
* Dried pasta, rice and noodles
* Jars of pasta sauce, curry sauces etc
* Jars of peanut butter and jam
* Cooking oil, gravy mixes, sauce packets
* Instant meals, noodles & soups (just add hot water – very useful for unhoused folks)
* Long life (not chilled) plant milks
* Bags of pulses and nuts
* Herbs, spices, stocks and seasonings

Non perishable snack foods

* Cereal bars, flapjacks, muesli bars
* Energy bars, protein bars
* Small bags of crisps and nuts
* Small snack packs of biscuits, crackers etc
* Small chocolate bars

For the bathroom box:

* In date, unopened toiletries, toothbrushes, hair brushes
* Menstrual hygiene products – tampons, pads
* Baby wipes and hand sanitiser
* Sunscreen
* New underwear and socks
* Cleaning products, tissues, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls

We also need:

* Shopping bags (single use or reusable – we always need them)
* Sudoku, crossword and similar book
* Warm hats, scarves and gloves (new or clean)
* New underwear and warm socks

Please no razors or other sharp items, opened items, perishable or chilled/frozen foods.

We ask that you not drop donations in when we are closed, or bring things not on the list.

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