Community night – cooking, eating and swapping clothes!

A friendly, welcoming community night where we come together to reduce waste by preparing food that would otherwise be wasted – and swapping unwanted clothes.

Come and help cook some soups and chilled meals for our pantry, enjoy a meal together and take some home for yourself. This is an opportunity to help stock up the pantry by helping in the kitchen, with time to share some food as well.

We’ll be cooking from 6pm and aim to eat around 8pm and finish around 9.30pm – drop in any time before 9pm, join in with the cooking, eating, clearing up or just drop in for the clothes swap!
The clothes swap table will be open the whole evening, too, bring clothes you don’t want and swap for ones you do.

Join in for the cooking or eating bit, or both. Please feel free to bring ingredients to add to the pot or stock up the pantry: anything vegan, in date and unopened.

The kitchen is on the first floor up a flight of stairs, but some prep can be done on our ground floor, which has level access.
The meal will be shared downstairs. You do not have to stay for the meal if you’d prefer not to, but all are welcome.

About the clothes swap bit

We’ll be swapping adult clothes and accessories for all shapes, sizes and genders in a judgement-free space. Clothes swaps are often heavily gendered in how clothes are presented, as are most charity shops and clothes outlets.

This can make it difficult for gender non-conforming folk to try on and buy clothing and limits the creative options for people of all genders. The Art House swaps leave the binary at the door and allow everyone to just try on and take away whatever fits and looks good on them.

Bring any clothes or accessories you no longer wear, swap them for ones you will wear!

There will be screened off ‘trying on’ space and clothes will be categorised by where they go on your body, rather than size or gender, so you can rummage and choose what you like.

Take away as many pieces as you want, bring as many as you can – we will have some donations to get the whole thing started.
If you have no clothes to swap, come anyway and make a donation for what you take.

This event is pay-as-you-feel, make a donation when you book or when you come.


6pm Chopping and prep
7pm Cooking!
8pm Sharing a meal
9pm Washing up & packing down
9.30pm finish


The community cooking session takes place on our first floor which is accessed via a wide staircase with two bends and a bannister either side. The loo is on the ground floor.
We will eat together in the downstairs cafe area which has level access and an accessible loo. – if there are a lot of people, we may use the upstairs as well.
The clothes swap table will be on our first floor.

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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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