GIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Lexi Wolfe: It’s Haunted, They Said – Part 2 (online only)

Lexi returns to our online stage to read from her ghost stories ‘It’s Haunted, They Said’. This event will be streamed on Zoom with the ability to interact and chat in the breaks. If you missed Part 1, don’t worry – these are all new stories! 

About “It’s Haunted, They Said: A Collection of Paranormal Stories”

What could be a loving father’s reason to take his grown-up child to therapy they don’t seem to need, in “Soul-Mates”? Who truly is the mysterious Mr. Norton? And on a stormy night, what are the real secrets of the very home in which the eldest of a party tells his story, in “The Horse, After Midnight”?

Ten new ghost stories by award-winning writer Lexi Wolfe: paranormal and unexplained, keeping the spirit of the classic style alive. Evoking the Hallowe’en period, these stories unsettle and even scare, whatever the time of year….

About Lexi Wolfe

Lexi Wolfe is an actor and writer of Scottish, Welsh, and English mixed heritage who changed her last name to “Wolfe” in 2010. Born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, but who spent much of her childhood in Pakistan, where her parents worked as teachers. After her parents separated, she lived with her mother and brother but at aged 11 moved to live with her father and step-mother and their children.

Lexi attended the Brantwood Independent School for Girls and became a student of the Sheffield Youth Theatre and the youngest member of the Dilys Guite Theatre Co. She decided to pursue a serious career in acting and later achieved a degree in Creative and Performing Arts and a Masters in Acting from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

In 2014, Lexi set up her own company, Wild Wolfe Productions, debuting with a one-woman show that she wrote and produced. She has received numerous awards and nominations for her acting, including the Commendation for Julian Battersby Young Playwright’s Award in 2014 for her one-act play “Indiscretion,” a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Short Film Awards in New York City in 2015, and a Gold Award for Best Leading Actress at the International Independent Film Awards.

Was considered for the role of Hannah in Nirpal Bhogal’s Sket (2011), but the part went to Skins star Lily Loveless.

Lexi won an Award of Merit for her 2015 short film, Learning to Talk as well as winning “Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film.”

Learning to Talk: Directed by Lexi Wolfe. With Andy Wolf, Lexi Wolfe, Nina Flitman, Zoey Henderson. Charlie, a London office-worker has been seeing a counsellor for over a year, without much change. A chance and clumsy meeting with a young girl in his favourite cafe, however, starts him doing the one thing he’s been finding so difficult all this time – talking.

In addition to her acting career, Lexi is also an avid writer and has published several works, including “Better Off Dead: The Story of Rosa, the Fledgling Vampire” and “Women Of Forgotten Importance: Three Stories.” Lexi is a fan of vampires and has a personal interest in the works of Oscar Wilde. She was nominated Best Female Actor at the Buxton Fringe with her debut performance of ‘Mrs. Oscar Wilde’, which she wrote to commemorate the famous writer’s wife.

”It was quite a culture shock to come back after a childhood of living in a place that is effectively a completely different world to the one we live in in the West. I think I came back to England and was instantly thought to be bonkers, and have remained so ever since. But that thought comforts me. At least I have some consistency in my life.”

”I’m a bit of a workaholic and I’m fiercely protective of what I do, where I stand as an actor. If someone were to call my professionalism into question, I’d go all Wolverine on them – the sword-claws would come out!”

”Watching Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes was what really changed my life. Before that, I thought of a job as something grown-ups did and didn’t like. But JB was enjoying himself, having a whale of a time with what he did…and I wanted that to be my life. I wanted that to be what I did.”

Lexi has also written:

“Better Off Dead: The story of Rosa The Fledgling Vampire”. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN 1479276391

Women Of Forgotten Importance: Three Stories”. Kindle Direct Publishing. ISBN 9781980289111

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