GIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Professor Elemental’s 10th anniversary at The Art House! Friday 21 April ’23

Way back in the last decade, Bik came across a very silly video entitled ‘Cup of Brown Joy’ which was, unsurprisingly, our cup of tea.

So we asked the Prof if he would be so kind as to come and be very silly on our stage (technically we didn’t have an actual stage, back then) and he landed here in November 2013 for a poetry workshop and an evening of shenanigans.

Since then we have been delighted to host him 17 times, which isn’t bad considering there was about a year there we couldn’t do in person gigs at all.

Elemental was, in many ways, made for The Art House – his brand of silliness fits perfectly with ours, delivering an evening of singing along, jumping up and down and an audience dressed in Steampunk finery.

We’re celebrating ten years of the Prof at our House on Friday 21 April – it is certain to sell out so be sure to book your ticket well in advance!

An award winning hip hop artist and accomplished host, the Professor has performed all over the world at everything from festivals to wedding parties, hip hop shows to bizarre burlesque. A regular on the worldwide convention and festival scene he has played everywhere from Canada to Cambodia.

On stage, the Professor is a wild combination of music and comedy, incorporating improvisation and new material for each live show.

Along with his live performances, Professor Elemental has notched up ten albums, novels, comic books and an embarrassing large range of merchandise. You might also hear his dulcit tones on video games, Disney cartoons, adverts and radio plays. There really is no one quite like the Professor. Why not have a wander through the website to find out more? 

Chap hop’s leading exponent’  The Wall Street journal

‘Breathtaking freestyle rap’  The Guardian

‘Fast and fluid…loveably bonkers’   Londonist

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