Summer Fundraiser – £1635 to go before the end of June! Here’s how you can help

As the end of June approaches, along with the usual slew of end-of-month bills (and the next quarter’s rent is due next week, too – which is a fair chunk of cashola), we’re appealing to our community to help us get all the way to our first (and biggest) target for opening our community pantry over the summer.

We have £1635 to go to our first and biggest target – the cost of opening the indoor pantry through the summer months. It seems a lot, but if just over 300 of our many lovely supporters donate £5, or around 150 folks give a tenner, we’ll be there.

We’ve had lots of lovely donations so far- thank you SO much everyone who has chipped in – but we have a way to go yet! Every amount goes towards the total, so it doesn’t need to be a large contribution from each person, we just need a lot of them.\

How you can help

Donate directly to this target on ‘Buy me a coffee’ here

Donate via PayPal here – all of this goes towards our running costs and we’ll add it to the grand summer fundraising total at the end!

Donate directly to our bank account:

The Art House Southampton
Sort code 089299
Account no. 65287334, (The Co-operative Bank)

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