Summer Fundraiser for our community pantry

Our community pantry redistributes food that would be wasted, offering it to the community on a pay-as-you-feel basis, informally and with no questions asked and no need for a referral – filling a vital gap in provision of food for those in need.

Help us build our wishlist on ‘Buy me a coffee’, donate via PayPal, send a bank transfer or use one of the other ways to support us:

Why a summer fundraiser?

Although there is more focus on people in need in the winter, we’ve noticed an increase in unhoused folks as the weather warms up – and an increase in demand for the pantry.

Our service becomes more vital by the day as the cost of living goes up, so if you are able to help by donating, sharing, volunteering – everything helps!

Find out all of the ways you can donate and support here

Running a pantry from our space offers people dignity – pantry users and customers alike come in and use the space with no difference in how you’re treated. We also offer an outdoor pantry, which takes away the need for anyone to interact if they don’t want to – and helps those still wary of indoor spaces because of Covid.

Gill, our volunteer pantry co-ordinator, had this to say about the big amount of fresh veg & bread we picked up last week, all of which has now gone to fill bellies instead of bins:

“It disappears very fast! Specially the outside stuff, as not everyone comes inside. Some folk take months to feel confident enough to come in! In some cases it took 6 months and ice cream.

To everyone contributing in whatever way, however small or big, thankyou. I’ve seen smiles as big as the moon, tears of happiness, been trusted with peoples stories and confidences, been a shoulder to cry on. And it’s only possible with support!

If you can help, please do”

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