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Sunday 31 May update #covid19 #lockdown

The Art House doors won’t be opening again until it is safe to open. Our aim at the present moment is to empower and support people to #stayhome as much as possible by bringing meals, entertainment and connection from our … Continue reading

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Former volunteer Emily shares why The Art House is important to her

I volunteered at the Art House between the ages of 15 and 18. My world widened pretty drastically. I gained friends and life and work experience that I am still holding on to. It was a refuge for me through … Continue reading

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Why our story shall be called ‘Cakes on a Train’

A taster for Jani’s book, The Art House Story:  Cakes on a Train (how to build your dreams when you don’t have what you need to do it) It’s a working title, OK? Here goes…. The kitchen was rammed with … Continue reading

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Old man in my house.

In one form of Pidgen English, a piano is called “Old man in my house, you hit him white teeth he laugh, you hit him black teeth he cry.” One of the first items to enter the Art House, even … Continue reading

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Why The Art House? Good question!

I popped in on Sunday just as we were opening to make this short film about The Art House and about my personal reasons for being involved in founding and running this lovely place. The video is a submission for … Continue reading

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Fooling da robberz

So, anyhoo, we can’t go into details about our security in this public forum, but this is a thank you to everyone who, over 2 years ago, helped us raise money to make The Art House more secure…. Here’s Jani … Continue reading

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Show off your TRUE colours!

Has anyone else noticed that come the new year, everything suddenly seems like it could do with a spruce up? The process of renewal seems to get particularly frantic in January, especially on a sunny day like today. The Art … Continue reading

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Directors coffee at The Coffee Rooms

A lot of our crew meetings tend to happen in other coffee shops or cafes, to give us a chance to take some time to review what we’re doing in a fresh environment. It also gives us an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Not a good start to the day :(

We came in this morning to find the upstairs had been broken into and a (relatively small) amount of cash stolen. The police have been great and we're lucky nothing else was stolen or damaged. It's more an annoyance than … Continue reading

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More Monday Meanderings

….or, the never-ending toilet (ahahaaahahaaahaaa) Seriously. It is STILL not done!! Due to delays with the snow in the first week of January, work now needs to be done during quiet times, or when we’re shut. The result is rather … Continue reading

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