Community Pantry

Reduce waste, save money, support The Art House by visiting our community pantry at #Bunker178

Groceries – fresh fruit & veg, tins, jars, dried foods and chilled vegan foods, all pay-as-you-feel.

Chilled meals to go – vegan meals freshly cooked by us, on a pay-as-you-feel basis (suggested around £4).

The Bathroom Box – a donate-and-take box for toiletries and sanitary products. Donate unopened soaps, shampoo, hand creams, shower gels, tampons, pads etc and take what you need.

Cosy Clothes Rail – warm adult outwear – coats, jumpers, hats, gloves, scarves, pay what you feel.

Takeaway cake and hot drinks – enjoy a reasonably priced takeaway vegan cake, cookie or speciality coffee or freshly made tea and help support this project.

All money made from takeaways and donations goes into our running costs!

You can also pay-it-forward and buy a drink for somebody who needs one either in person on online.

Funded by donations from our community, our Patreon supporters and The National Lottery Community Fund.

To support this project and pay forward essentials to those who need it:

Pay forward a meal or a hot drink

Become a Patreon supporter

Make a one-off donation using PayPal

Transfer money by BACS to:

The Art House Southampton
Sort code 089299
Account no. 65287334, (The Co-operative Bank)


Who is the pantry for?

We believe that good food is a basic right and important to building community and resilience, we also want to support you to try more vegan and veggie food and help provide healthy meals during the pandemic, whoever you are.

The pantry is open to absolutely anyone, we don’t require proof of income and you won’t be asked to fill out any forms or have to answer any questions about your circumstances.

Visiting is just like dropping into a normal shop, you choose what you need and make a donation (we take cards if you don’t have cash) of the amount you wish to pay.

Using our pantry reduces waste, supports The Art House and saves you money!

When is the pantry open?

See our calendar for upcoming dates for the pantry.

Where does the food come from?

The food is donated by supermarkets and wholesalers from their surplus.

Groceries are all in date and have been stored and prepared to our usual high standards so hygiene and safety is assured.

Can I donate food?

Due to the risks inherent in food storage and transport, we source our food directly from suppliers or from organisations who specialise in this kind of food redistribution so that we can ensure food safety and hygiene. We do not take donations of food directly from the public, but you can donate money, any amount, to help keep the pantry stocked up.

Can I donate toiletries?

Yes please! You can drop unopened, in-date toiletries and sanitary products into our bathroom box whenever we are open.

Can I donate clothes?

We don’t take donations on site but do shout outs regularly to collect clean, adult outwear or take donations here on specific dates, so that we can quarantine and sort it properly – join our Facebook group to get notifications about these. Please do not bring clothes in at other times, or leave bags outside when we are closed.