2018 at The Art House


I put together a little slideshow of photos from this last year – whew! We’ve had so many performances, workshops, meet-ups, celebrations, cakes, gorgeous new dishes, staff and volunteers… it has been quite an 11th year!

One of the young people who use our space summing up what it means to them:

“This has always been a safe place for me.

Socialising is hard for myself and coming even if i’m not meeting anyone in particular is a joy as it feels like home and I can be myself and relax.

Not to mention great food! Never fails to impress,to joining in at crafty cafe with the fabulous Gill, to drawing and being at the clothes swap this year had such a wonderful atmosphere everyone was so happy and open!

I came here 4 years ago 2019 will be my fifth wow time does fly,money is pretty tight at the moment so I will give when I can.

Thank you for everything everyone and to our lovely Art House :)”

Many of the people who thrive at The Art House have been hire by austerity as our your friend above has been, which means they can’t always spend a lot when they come here, but the space is still very important to them. This is why we ask for donations to top up our running costs and keep us going.

Tomorrow is our 11th birthday – we really want to celebrate our 12th and beyond but we need your help to get there! Today we are asking for birthday ‘presents’ in the form of donations of all sizes.

You can donate here via PayPal or credit/debit card.

For other ways to donate if you don’t wish to use PayPal, click here.

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Artist, activist, founding director of The Art House in Southampton.
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