Hunting Hearts & friends are back with Yuletide Queer!

It’s about time Hunting Hearts returned to The Art House, their last gig being the now famous beforetime bash with BRASHER in March 2020 a few weeks before the national lockdown.

They’re back, and ready to… reads notes… Deliver you into a world of festive cheer? No, that can’t be right. They’re in the house presenting a laid back, intimate gig with old friends (Felix Russel) and new friends (Artemis), showing off some of their songs in a bit of a different context than you will be used to as a special Yuletide treat. So, bring your worst Christmas jumpers, it’s time to bring the trans agenda to Santa Claus.

Expect something a little like this:

Artemis are a 4 piece from Southampton usually known for powerful vocals, slammin’ riffs and sick beats, but we have invited them to tame their fury tonight for this one time special set… Expect some groove, chills, and thrills.

Felix Russel is a singer-songwriter from Southampton, using his teen angst for good by singing songs about toe fungus and heartbreak – we can’t think of anything more festive.

Join them in person (capacity limited to enable social distancing, so book early!) or online on Saturday 18 December 2021 in our downstairs #Bunker178 performance space.

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Yuletide Queer

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